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Windows 7: Progress Indication in Task Bar Application Icon

I have been following the progress of Windows 7 for some time now. The new UI enhancements are superb. The world has received Windows 7 well and almost every aspect of Windows 7 has been covered in great details by many websites.

Many positive reviews prompted me to go ahead and try Windows 7 public beta (Build 7000). So I installed it on one my PCs and started playing with it. First impression – the new OS is very snappy and feels good. I tried everything that I read about Windows 7 on the Web and was thrilled to experience the features first hand.

One feature that I did not find in any of the websites is this nifty little feature. When you download a file or copy a file then Windows 7 will show the progress in the task bar icon of the the program used for downloading or copying. This is really cool. So when I was downloading drivers on Windows 7, it actually displayed the download progress in the Internet Explorer application icon in the task bar. It is a green bar moving to cover the entire icon.

Here is a screen-shot:

My guess is that Windows 7 will automatically do this for any application that shows a single progress bar in a dialog box owned by the application.
Monday, April 20, 2009 at 8:35 PM. Comments: 0.
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