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Introducing the "Horn Index"

Try doing this when you are driving:
  1. Start counting at approximately 1 count per second
  2. The moment you hear a horn from a vehicle, make a mental note of the count and start counting again
  3. Do this for a few times
The highest count you reach without hearing a single horn from the vehicle, is the “horn index”.

I tried this on a road near to where I stay and found out that the “horn index” of that road at noon 1 o'clock is 10 seconds. Yes, I hear a horn every 10 seconds! Sometimes I have to re-count after the 1st second itself, but I couldn't count above 10. Isn't this really bad? In comparable taffic conditions in US, I bet that the “horn index” can easily touch at least 6 hours if not 1 day. Can you even imagine how long will it take for India to catch up to traffic conditions in US? Or will it ever catch up?

Please don't take “Horn OK Please” seriously. Honk only when you really need it.

Monday, July 14, 2008 at 12:39 AM. Comments: 0.
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