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15 Characteristics of the Pune Railway Station

I had been to Hyderabad recently. Rajkot - Secunderabad Express was 8 hours late and we had the "honor" of spending an entire night (almost) on Pune Railway station.

Here are 15 characteristics of the Pune Railway Station:
  1. It stinks
  2. There are only 2 waiting rooms in a railway station that has 7 platforms
  3. It stinks
  4. 1 waiting room is reserved for ladies and it stinks
  5. It stinks
  6. The other waiting room is 'general" and it also stinks.
  7. It stinks even more
  8. There are hundreds of homeless people that sleep on the stinking Platform 1 of the stinking railway station without any stinking problem.
  9. It stinks a lot
  10. We visited like 15 different stations during our visit to Hyderabad and all of them were much better than Pune Railway Station
  11. And once again, it stinks
  12. There are only a few retiring rooms and they were full. These facilities are grossly inadequate and I smell a rat here.
  13. It stinks
  14. People on the counters are extremely rude
  15. As if I have not said it enough - it stinks :)
Can you believe that this is Pune's own Railway Station? I don't know what happened to the "Pune Railway Station Beautification Project" undertaken a few years back?

The only place that seems habitable in the entire Pune Railway Station is Cumsome. Even then we spent like 5 hours on this stinking railway station. Like they say: "Majboori ka naam...".
Monday, August 25, 2008 at 10:03 PM. Comments: 0.
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