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The Government sleeps through India’s suffering

Yet again terrorists strike. Mumbai cries again. When will this end? What is our strategy to counter such acts of terrorism? How can we keep terrorists to strike again? What is the government doing? Sleeping, I guess. Is praying to God and doing nothing is our strategy? God helps them who help themselves, you know. It is us who will have to do something about it.

Government’s attitude towards terrorism seems to have echoed by a minister (don’t remember his name) who stated “we can’t have a policeman for every Indian”. Is that how Government envisions our strategy of fighting terrorism inside our country? Can’t they think of anything smart?

Right after 9/11, USA woke up and formed a “Department of Homeland Security” to gather intelligence related to terrorist attacks and counter them in time. I don’t see them putting 1 policeman for every American. Can’t we do something similar?

We don’t even need to form a new agency. We have ATS. It is just that their job has now become a lot more crucial. Mistakes are bound to happen. Our job is to learn from our mistakes and ensure that it does not happen again. I believe in second chances but not in third, fourth and tenth.

It is high time for our Government to wake up and do something about our situation. We should at least start something. It is much better than 0. Even if we have 1 in a 100 chance of averting a terrorist strike, let us take it. Form or enhance an agency and made them responsible for their incapability of averting future terrorist strikes. Adopt a no-compromise policy towards combating terrorism.

And what is up with security checks only when there is a terrorist strike? Why can’t it be sustained? When something of this magnitude happens, you will see security being beefed up everywhere but that lasts only for a month or so. Here also there is a lot of scope of improvement. The moment any of our security agencies senses danger, they should raise a nation-wide or state-wide security alert. Every organization can then respond by increasing security corresponding to the announced danger level.

We should have a system in place or Indian’s will continue to suffer.

P.S: I just don’t want to put something in words and do nothing about it myself. I guess I am frustrated and trying to think hard about what I can do – individually. I am planning to scour the web to find possibilities. I’ll see what turns up.
Thursday, November 27, 2008 at 11:24 AM. Comments: 0.
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