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Glossy, Tropic and Tango make an excellent Ubuntu theme

Ubuntu's Human theme felt good for some time but eventually for me it lost its charm. I feel that orange is too bright and is not suitable for a color that I use at work. A “work” color should be soothing and one such color is blue.

Up to Ubuntu 8.04, I used the Blubuntu theme exclusively. It was nice, soothing and very good looking. But when I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10, keeping Blubuntu meant no human theme. I finally chose to remove Blubuntu and upgrade to the new human theme.

Now I was in search of a new theme for Ubuntu that I can work with. I tried all the “blue” themes from “Appearance” but found something wrong with each of them. Some of them did not have a rich set of icons while others didn't look right.

I also tried a bunch of “dark” themes. Some of them were really good but I just couldn't stand looking at white web-pages with dark borders and toolbars in Mozilla Firefox. Finally I gave up and uninstalled all dark themes from my computer. Ubuntu's default “Dark Room” also did not cut it.

After a lot of trials, I finally settled on a Custom theme that combined Controls from Glossy theme, Window Border from Tropic and Icons from Tango.

This one feels really good and something that I can keep for along time. I don't like the blue colored scroll-bars though. Scroll-bars, when inactive should either dissappear or blend into the window's colors. They shouldn't appear bright to the corner of one's eyes taking unnecessary focus.

If not already installed, you will have to install Tropic and Tango themes from Synaptic Package Manager.
Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 1:57 AM. Comments: 0.
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