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What's up with Power-only petrol in Pune?

You: Regular (Unleaded) petrol worth Rs. 100 please
Man at the petrol pump: No regular petrol, only Power.
You (apparently surprised): Ok, fill power then

What the hell just happened? You went there with a certain thing in mind and the man at the petrol pump offered you a more expensive alternative and you agree to go ahead and take that option. You don't even know why are they charging extra for Power?

I have been regularly filling petrol from a pump near Agriculture College, here in Pune for a few years now. The petrol pump has been known to be honest and I usually feel that I get petrol worth my money. But since the rise in petrol prices, I did not get regular petrol off that petrol pump. Agreed that I go at night and the petrol pump might run out-of-petrol for the day. But I am very skeptical if this is actually the case.

It is not only this petrol pump. Most petrol pumps I visit have started having Power only. I don't know why the public is going ahead with their heads down and sucking up to the people at the petrol pump as if they have no option. After about 2 times I was forced to fill Power petrol, I decided not to do it anymore. If the petrol pump does not have to offer me regular petrol, I won't fill it from there.

It happened to me again tonight. I just left the petrol pump after waiting at the queue for like 10 minutes and headed towards a petrol pump at Sangvi. This one was a IBP petrol outlet and fortunately got regular petrol there. Now I have decided to fill petrol from that specific petrol pump at Sangvi. People ought to rise up to things like tease rather than compromising on the situation. It is not good.
Monday, July 21, 2008 at 10:52 PM. Comments: 0.
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