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Scheduling shutdown in Ubuntu

To make it simple to schedule tasks use gnome-schedule. This little GUI application manages all “crontab” tasks (wow!). The application is available in Synaptic Package Manager. Here is a screenshot of gnome-schedule.

Although it is quite simple to add tasks and programs that you want to schedule, scheduling shutdown is a little tricky. It turns out that only the root can schedule the command “shutdown -h now”. I tried using root (sudo) to give shutdown permission but couldn't get scheduled shutdown to work.

So, to schedule shutdown, type “sudo gnome-schedule” on the terminal. The gnome-schedule application opens up to accept root tasks. The command line to use is “/sbin/shutdown -h now”. Configure the task to use this command and you are done.
Monday, February 02, 2009 at 10:58 PM. Comments: 1.
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