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Will, skill and vertices of a diamond

It has been long since I wrote my last blog. First for an update: After a lot of thinking and consideration, I finally managed to change my company. I left my first company, Webtech Developers Pvt. Ltd. after working with them for over 4.5 years and joined NVIDIA Graphics Pvt. Ltd. here in Pune (Yes, it is NVIDIA, the pioneers and leaders in GPU technology.) Along with the company, I also sort of changed my domain and am now working on Windows CE (embedded, you see!)

So, not long after I joined here, I heard a very good yet simple explanation about employees and organization. Pankaj Mahto, a college-time friend of mine told me about this concept. After hearing the concept, I couldn’t help myself thinking in retrospect. The concept goes like this:

Employees working in an organization fall in one of the 4 vertices of a diamond. The lowest vertex is occupied by employees that neither have the will or skill to grow. By growth, I mean professional as well as personal growth. These types of employees are likely to be sidelined or worse fired by the company. The only option for them is to leave the company and find a job in another company where they will find at least the will or skill to stay and grow.

The middle two vertices of the diamond are occupied by employees that either have the will or the skill to grow but not both. As you might have guessed by now, the top most vertex of the diamond consists of employees that have both the will and the skill to grow in a company’s environment. Employees who lack either the will or skill keep trying to get to the top-most vertex. If they improve on what they lack then they get promoted to this coveted vertex.

Now the twist, once employees reach the top-most vertex of the diamond, they usually do not stay in the company. They tend to move. Once they are convinced that there is no more growth for them or that the job is not challenging for them anymore, they move on to a company that gives them more grown and challenging work. So this is the great diamond of an employee’s life in an organization.
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