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Diagrams, Microsoft Word and then Visio

Like all my colleagues and friends, I have been using Microsoft Word since 97 for all my academic documentation work. I use Microsoft Word 2003 now. It always has been a pleasure working with an application that we, as programmers, idolize as God. We look at Microsoft Word for almost all user interface and usability related solutions.

Along my documentation, I used various types of diagrams all the time. Versions of Microsoft Word before XP were not very good for drawing anything more than the most trivial diagrams – not to mention time-consuming. Diagrams coupled with text gave us the nightmares, especially when we wanted everything looking presentation perfect.

With Microsoft Word XP and now 2003, things did improve (as they always do). The concept of Canvas, for one, relieved us with a lot of bull-work involved with diagrams and text. However, diagrams with Microsoft Word are still time-consuming.

Today, I got Microsoft Visio 2003 installed. Well all that I said about diagrams with Microsoft Word is just not there anymore. Before, I had only heard about Microsoft Visio. Today, when I used it for the first time, it took me hardly 5 minutes to start drawing a basic flow chart.

Just drag and drop shapes. Double-click to add text. Drag and drop connectors and you have your diagram. Think representation and easily build presentation quality diagrams – that is how I would think about Microsoft Visio. It seems like this is going to be a constant companion for my diagrams. I will be exploring more soon.

As this post indicates, I am a huge fan of Microsoft and their products. No one in the world can build applications as good as those that Microsoft does.
Friday, June 10, 2005 at 10:51 PM. Comments: 1.
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